Saturday, February 12, 2011

Whats more going on with little pudding

We did a lot over this past summer and I would like to share those special moments with you all out there just to see how my baby don't let her clubfeet stop her from having any fun with her older sister. One of the adventures we went on was at Great Adventures in New Jersey. We also went to the same place last summer but lost our family, because they came in before us and they thought that we were right behind them. That is a long story, but at the end, me, my husband, and my oldest daughter had a wonderful time just spending time with each other and having fun. We took pictures, went on the merry-go-round, the arcade where we played numerous games and just had a good old time playing myriad of arcade games with the kids.The only obstacle that we had was when we were going there and coming home. It was so much traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike that it took us several hours to get back home. When we first went to Great Adventures that morning, we didn't get into traffic until we were like 95% there already.

She wanted to keep coming down the slide

She was so happy to be there that day

My oldest daughter just loved playing in that water nonstop

Here is my boo boo just loving the feel of the cool water on her feet

Here is me and my miracle child enjoying herself in the pool with mama

Me and my older son at Great Adventures
She was just enjoying herself so much
She was so anxious to come down that slide, but I was nervous
And she wanted to go back up again to come back down, she was killing me, LOL

Was about to leave from a loooong day at the water park, was TIRED but happy

Friday, February 11, 2011

Continuing to Ramble on and on..................

My beautiful baby girl has been through a lot of back and forth visits and operations since September 23, 2010. I am truly sick and tired of seeing my baby cry every time she lays her beautiful eyes on her regular physician or her orthopedics.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reality Hits Hard

My happy baby
I don't write on my blog as often as I would like to, because taking care of my three kids are a task that takes up a lot of my time. On my previous post that I written several months ago, I stated that I would continue to keep my followers and everyone that is interested posted on how my baby is doing.

A lot of things has happened since I last posted some thoughts on this blog. My daughter is 21 months old now and has been through a total of 3 surgeries in the last 5 months. In September of 2010 she had her first surgery on her left foot which she had to wear a cast on her foot for 10 weeks. That operation was very stressful, because no mother wants to see their child go under for an operation. I knew I had to do what I had to do for her best interest so there was no other choice. Her second operation was in November of 2010 where her orthopaedic operated on her right foot. It seemed like the right foot was in a much worse position than the right. She had to also where a foot cast for another 10 weeks on that foot as well.

I mean if it was me I would be having an attitude and I wouldn't want to be bothered by anybody after all of these treatments. Not my girl, she has such a positive attitude and takes these obstacles in stride. She is something to mimic and follow, because she shows me that no matter what is going on, good or bad, if there is positive thoughts and a brighter outlook, the situation that is in front of you will not seem so bad.  

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Long Time NO SEE

I am back again to all of my fans out there. I have a lot to talk about and a lot to blog about for all you guys to know what is going on about my little BLESSING. I know you guys out there is probably asking or stopped asking yourself about how she is doing and what is going on with my little bundle of Blessings. I didn't blog anything since the new year has come in. That was since Thanksgiving was my last time.

First of all, I am sorry for not blogging as much as I should have been to inform you guys what is going on about my daughter. Overall she is doing great, can't ask for a more blessed child from all of what she has went through. She is just a joy and a bundle full of happiness. 

A lot of changes has been happening and I have been abandoning my Blog. I just thank God that I wasn't forgotten about. I am making a promise to myself from this day forward. I am going to keep up with it, because it is so much to talk about and to catch up with you guys about. I have recent pics of her. As you can see on front of the Blog, I put a recent pic up of her when she was 10 months old. Isn't she just adorable? Her attitude throughout her triumphs this year alone was so inspirational and it taught me so much on how to handle my own personal problems. She is just happy and playful baby all of the time. It's like you know when something is really wrong with her when it is, because her ongoing personality is such a happiness.

I have to thank you guys who was trying to keep up and is still keeping up with me. Don't give up on us, because I have a lot to talk about and tell about. I appreciate the support and I AM BACK FOR GOOD.

Whats Going On NOW?

The last time I blogged, I was in the process of just finding out that she had Hip Dysplasia. For you guys out there that don't know what Hip Dysplasia is, it is when the ball of your hip is out of place and it makes one of your legs look longer than the other. The leg that was longer was the normal leg, and the leg with the hip out of place was the one with the messed up hip.

To my knowledge, like I told y'all on a previous post, I learn something new everyday now. Her orthopedics told me that it is different levels of HIP Dysplasia, some are more severe than others. The one that is more severe would definitely need surgery, and the less severe case would just need a simple cut from a scalpel in the hip and some machine will be used to just moved the ball of the socket into place. Thank got that she just had the mild case and she didn't need more serious surgery to cut her open. I tell you, God just keeps blessing us.

The Orthopedics had to get an x-ray of her hip to see how severe it was first and like I said it was the mild case. He informed me of all that I needed to know before her procedure was supposed to be done on December 17. What a Christmas gift huh, because as least it could be fixed and not anything permanent that couldn't. That is how we were looking at it. I always try to have a positive attitude towards what she was going through, because I had to show her it was okay, and in actuality it was. It was just something temporary that we had to go through.

In order for us to go through these changes with her we had to investigate and research about the condition, so we could be well informed on what to do and how to handle things. If we weren't smart enough to do that, we probably would be worried all of the time and dependent on the doctors information on how to handle it. They could tell us what to do of course, don't get me wrong. There is just more information out there and other parents that are going through the same thing as we are, so it is more of an inspiration to read there stories and to know how they got through it. In addition, this is our child not nobody else's. So we was doing the most responsible thing as her parents in order to take care of her properly.

Sitting in the waiting room before the operation was a living nightmare, because I just wanted it to be over with. It seemed like the hours was going by so slowly. We had to be at the hospital by 6am, and we was there on time, promptly. I noticed that there were other parents with their children there waiting to get different procedures and operations done that were in worse conditions than my daughter was at that time. I don't try to compare your child to nobody else's, because every child is a blessing from God. It is just a natural thing, my opinion, from being in that situation to just think about it, not compare.

I couldn't help but to say to myself that she is such a blessing to us. She will be okay with this mild operation, and she will be able to walk normally without a limp. If she didn't get that mild operation, she would have been suffering later in life. I wouldn't have wanted that for her. I want her to be all that she can be. If these problems could be fixed why not go and fix it. I could understand if it was the opposite. Nothing that is worth it in life is easy anyway, right?

Finally she had her mild operation by the way, was on the 17th of December. I call it an operation still because she had to go under sedation. I went crazy as far as emotionally when I saw her in the operating room falling asleep under the sedation. I didn't want to leave her, but I knew that it was for the better, because she will be better. I had to sit back inside the waiting for, which seemed like forever again. She was in the operating room for like two hours or so. When I finally saw her in her hip casting, she was still groggy and sleeping from the sedation.

The orthopedic also did a double whammy for me as far as her Club Feet. He elongated the cast to her feet so her feet could be in the proper position for those three months. I would say the second and a half month he changed the casting towards her feet to continue working on the treatment for her feet, which was very effective.

I didn't know how to pick her up. The nurse had to teach me, but I was determined to pick her up right away, because I just wanted to hug how knowing that she was alright from the operation and everything went excellent the orthopedic informed me. When we finally left the hospital, I had to drive her home and she didn't fit in her care seat at all, and the nurse told me that everything would be fine. I spent like an hour in the parking lot trying to put her in her car seat, and she was so uncomfortable when she finally woke up being in that position that she was in from the cast. She would have to stay in the case for 3 months straight. OH MY GOD! {I thought to myself}How are we going to get through this. That is a long time.

The first few days was so hard to deal with, because she was crying and in pain from being cut and her hip being manipulated. We didn't really get any sleep for a couple of weeks, until she got used to it. When she finally got used to it, she became her regular happy self. Changing her diaper was also a challenging thing in the beginning, which I had to learn before I left the hospital as well. We had to buy one size smaller pamper to put on the inside of the opening of the cast and then a bigger pamper to put on top. We got so used to it after a while that it was nothing.

Her eating was also challenging after awhile because, during those three months she did grow some. We had to try to make sure that we didn't overfeed her, because she would spit up easily during the ending of the three months. We couldn't wait for that cast to come off the closer it got to the end. We had to be patient though, because we didn't have any control over that. All we had control over is taking her to her appointments like every 2-3 weeks or so to her orthopedics to get her check ups and x-rays to make sure her hip was still in the right place. 

Finally the month of March came and her time for freedom was getting closer and nearer and we could be any happier when that day came. We all made it through at the end of the tunnel. The light is finally on even more, especially for her. We couldn't get to the orthopedics office fast enough. Now she could be able to sit in her car seat and be able to sit down like a normal baby and play like a normal baby using all of her limbs, not just her arms and hands. That case started just below her shoulder blade down to her feet for three months straight, can you believe that much restrain on a 7 month old baby, now taking the case off she is 10 months old.

 This is the day that we went to get her casting off. Boy it was a HAPPY day for all of us, just to see her happy especially. It was really a JOB carrying her around all of the time with that heavy cast on her body. After a while we got used to it though. She is such a trooper.

When her finally came in the room to take off her cast, she was screaming, because of the loud machine take it off and he had to put her in crazy positions to be able to saw that cast off of her body. Me and her father was just standing there staring at that saw and her not getting hurt. Even though we knew what the doctor was doing. Us being her parents, I think that it is a natural instinct to be a little more cautious and worried than anybody else. She turned out to be okay, but her whole attitude changed, because her body was in a weird position for a looong three months and it was going to take some time for her body to return back to it's normal positioning. She was so sore and thinner than her upper body from having that cast for a while.

 I just picked her up right away and she started crying. When I lifted her up, she was so light, from that cast being on her. I had to be careful still, of her legs, because she was crying and in pain from the cast being off of her. It was so much dead skin on her, I couldn't wait to put her in a bath, knowing that she didn't be in a bath tub for 3 months straight. I knew that when we got home, that was the first thing I was going to do. Even though she was a little sore, I knew that it was a relief for her to have that cast off. We thank God that the hip is in place and the treatment worked for her. We still have to continue going to the orthopedics to take x-rays and she also has to where a hip harness nightly to continue the treatment. Everything is looking good so far.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Didn't Expect This!

I am late stating and Claiming such a Recognition. It's an Honor from Ness
to have given me this Tag. I really appreciate it. I don't want to babble on about how I feel, LOL. You know I really appreciate this and it just gives me more of a reason to keep blogging on about my precious baby. In addition, to meet people like you, is an honor. It feels good to be able to be recognized with such a great characteristic. Thank you very much Ness. I LOVE IT AND WILL CHERISH THIS. LOL!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1st Thanksgiving Tomorrow

This day is going to be very special for my precious miracle child. It's going to be her 1st Thanksgiving and there is going to be a lot of thanks to be given upon her. She has made these past several months a blessing for me and my family. She came at a time when we least expected. We were so busy focusing on our 2 other children and really not thinking that a miracle like her would come along and make our path even brighter.

When Thanksgiving day comes around, that is the day for Family and extended family and friends to get together and enjoy that time you share together. That's the day where we take our busy schedule and put that to the side and focus on the little things, because that's what really matters. The connection and love that we show for each other, that little attention, caring, and giving of our hearts. That's the time to just listen to feelings about the goodness of each other and reminice on the times and memories that was built. That is what makes our lives much easier. To know that Family is just around the corner or a call away.

So having her to be an addition to our family just gave us more blessings to share to our family. More special celebrations are to come and it will be even more fun with her to celebrate with. To know that we as a family are blessed and we could get through anything together as long as we are there to support and love one another unconditinally.

I want to tell everyone out there to have a Happy, Safe, Joyous and Blessed Thanksgiving and more to come. Speak to you all very soon.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MORE NEWS..................

The day I took my baby for her 6 month old check-up, last Monday, I received additional news on top of the one problem that she is already dealing with from her Club Feet. Part of the normal check-up routine, when babies reach a certain age, is to check for problems in the hip area by rotating their hips in a circular motion like riding a bicycle. That's the best way I can describe it, in order for you to get the picture in your mind.

The doctor, checking her that day noticed that there was a problem in her hip area, because her left leg is shorter than her right leg. She continued to rotate her hips to listen for a clicking sound, an indication that her hip bone was out of the socket. It didn't make any sound, so it was something different going on, and not good.

Her main pediatrician wasn't there that day, maybe a coincidence, you all tell me, to discover this problem. Anyway, that doctor ordered an Ultrasound to be done on her hips to check for further problems. I had to take my baby to another hospital to get this done, the following day. Since we had an appointment for early in the morning, I figured that it wouldn't be long for us to get called and see what the problem was.

I was so anxiously waiting and playing with her and looking at her, just thinking how strong she really is. She has been through a lot of "bumps in the road" since being in the womb. I was just thinking what else could it be now? Is this a test from God on how much I can take and still maintain my sanity? I had to figure it out. This is just reality, and what people go through in life. You have to go through such trials and tribulations sometimes to just appreciate what you have and the "little things".

When she was called to get the Ultrasound, it took forever to finish, because they had to take images of the whole hip and type in the name of each area in the hip. I just had to be patient and deal with it, because I wanted to know exactly what was wrong with my baby's hips. After like 45 minutes or so of doing the Ultrasound, I was told that they would have to do an X-ray, because come to find out, she was too old for the ultrasound. The age limit for an ultrasound, for her age is 4 months. OKAY! I had to take some more time out, which was no problem, to get the X-ray done the same day. I wanted to get it done and over with. I want her normal. The doctor, who ordered the ultrasound from the start should have known that 6 months was too old for and ultrasound, I just didn't understand that. I only brought like 2 bottles with me, thinking that my appointment was set up and I would be there for a certain amount of time. I didn't expect to stay their any longer. Let me just get to the point. LOL!

The X-ray came back that her hip seemed out of place or in other words out of the socket. At first to me, it sounded like it was broken. The doctor says that if it was broken, her legs would have been swollen or have edema on them. I just didn't want to listen to more bad news for her. She didn't give me any Diagnosis to go on. So I was just worrying, until I got answers. That pediatrician called her Orthopedic for this additional news about her hips. So furthermore,  I had to follow up with her Orthopedic for an additional X-ray and treatment options.

ORTHOPEDIC UPDATE........"Congenital Dislocation and Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip"

I took her today for her regular check-up with the Orthopedic today. He took another X-ray of her hips in his private office for his records, and to have a closer look to see what the problem was. He concluded that the ball in her left hip was out of place. The options that me and my husband have to fix this problem are the following:
  • A simple outpatient visit with local anesthesia, where he just make a little incision in the hip to make an opening to try to rotate the ball back into the socket.
  • Outpatient visit with local anesthesia, where he would just try to manually rotate the ball back into the socket, without an incision.
  • Inpatient visit, with general anesthesia, where he would operate on her and put the ball back into place, this being the most accurate way to do the job.

After all of this, she would have to wear a splint or a plaster cast between 6-12 weeks, starting from under her breast bone down to her feet. I felt like what we are experiencing with the treatment of her Club Feet, this is just more stress. It's not her fault, but she deserves a chance just like everybody on this earth to have a productive, happy life. If I can prevent any complications in her life when she gets older, this is one of them.

Like I posted before, "The Time is Now", to take care of this while she is still very young and her bones are soft still. I don't want her to have a limp or be called names, if it is preventable as well as curable. It's in my hands to be strong for her, because she depends on me as being just that, to be STRONG.

I had to follow up with the Orthopedic by making an appointment to get the procedure done on December 17th, which is like 3 1/2 weeks ahead. I know she would be okay, but I would just love if everyone put her in their prayers and hearts. I just want her to feel safe and to come out of this surgery better than before. Make sure you always check to make sure that this hip test is done, just for routine, if you have children, because it can be overlooked. The older they get the more difficult the treatment can become. May God Bless you all.

More information on Congenital Dislocation and Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip and treatment options, go to:

Monday, November 23, 2009


Sometimes things happen when you least expect them to. My beautiful baby received her 6 month old shots and regular check up a week ago from today, which was last Monday.  Since she was of age, I was recommended for her to also receive the regular flu shot as well as the H1N1 vaccine. I am skeptical of the H1N1 vaccine for a baby as young as her, because it wasn't proven to not cause any side effects yet from it still being in the trial stages, currently. I am very nervous to give her that vaccine, so I let her get the regular flu shot vaccine, which I give to my other 2 children every year as well. I feel that the testing stages for that vaccine isn't over and she is already going through enough complications with her Club Feet and I don't want her to go through any more additional problems. Don't get me wrong, I respect those people out there who agree to give their children the H1N1 vaccine, it's just not for me right now. That's a whole other subject of posting.

When the evening came about, me and my husband was having a conversation about things.  All of a sudden, my husband says the baby feels hot.  He was holding her, like always (SMILE) :}.  I really didn't take it too seriously, as yet, because my husband tends to find anything and everything that is microscopic to the eye on our children. If it's a tiny speck of whatever and not naked to the eye, he will spot it on them.  I won't see it, but he will.  Her being so young, at 6 months old, I double checked and took her temperature anyhow, and it was 103 degrees.  I couldn't believe what I saw, because all of a sudden this happened.  I thought the thermometer was broken or something.  I took out another thermometer that I never used and took her temperature for a second time, and it turned out to be the same.

With no second thought, I got me and the baby dressed very quickly and drove to the Emergency Room. I learned while having two other children that if the temperature reaches 100 degree and over, take them to the Emergency room, no matter what. I couldn't get there fast enough, but at the same time I had to concentrate on getting there safely.  Even though it was only 25 minutes away it felt like forever, I wanted to know what was wrong with my baby, because she was perfectly fine earlier.

My first baby, who is my son, which is 11 years old now, was in a similar situation when he was 10 months old and he had a 104 temperature.  I wanted to rush him to the Emergency Room, and his grandmother told me not to take him, because according to her, he would be okay and it was just a cold virus or something. Me knowing her and all, I know she didn't attend Medical School and graduated to become a Doctor. I knew something was seriously wrong with him, because he seemed lethargic, and his eyes were looking droopy. Utilizing my common sense, I took him anyway, and Thank God I did, because a little bit of pneumonia was starting in his lungs. The doctors took a chest x-ray and caught it, and he had to start antibiotics right away.  If I would have listened to my son's grandmother, and not have taken him, who knows what the outcome would have been. She is even a mother, and it's surprising that she would give another mother such thoughtless advice.

Usually the Emergency Room would be packed or have a moderate amount of patients there, WAITING. It was, literally, empty, to my amazement, not kidding. You would expect, usually, to stay and wait in the Emergency Room for hours and hours before being seen by the Triage nurse.  I wanted it to be an in and out situation, not just sitting there waiting with a baby being so young. Having a temperature so high, the doctors would want to see her as soon as possible anyway. It was already after 11pm when I got there.
With all of that stress and worry, wanting to know what was wrong with her, she turned out to be okay,

Thank God.  With a fever of 103 degrees, it's expected to be an infection in the body somewhere, and the immune system is fighting off the intruder, is what I was informed loooong ago.  In my baby's case, it was just the effects that occur sometimes after receiving immunization shots. That didn't really come to my mind until the nurse mentioned that to me in the Emergency Room. My other two children didn't have any effects after receiving there immunization shots, so I expected the same for my baby. Every child is different in every aspect of situations, though.

The doctor informed me that it wouldn't be normal if the fever lasted for more than 2 days or so.  That's when you know it could be something more than just a fever from immunizations, more like an infection.  In addition, as soon as one of the nurses gave my baby the fever reducer, anally, her fever went down real quickly. I wasn't aware that, depending on the age of the baby, they can receive medication anally. Even though I have two other children, I learn something new everyday, even though I am a parent for the third time.

Her fever going down as quickly as it did, was an indication that it wasn't anything serious to worry about, from the doctors advice. You're never too old to learn.  I feel so Blessed to have her, and that she turned out okay.  

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Opinions About My Blog

I have to say Thank You to you all out there that took the time to vote about my new Blog. To give your opinions about the new Layout/Design; If I need to add more content/pics; If I am sticking to the objective or is my Blog just fine the way it's rolling now?

Even though the poll closed on the blog, I am still open for comments or suggestions, because I am still learning. In order for me to know that or if I am reaching others with my precious baby's story, is to receive constructive criticism from others who have experience. I learn as I go, thanks again and God Bless you all.


The lady that designs these Templates, and more Designs for your website/blogs her name is Heather. I browsed, thoroughly through her website Butter Fly Girl ms Blog Designs, and she has some beautiful designs to choose from.

I was searching the sites for a new Theme Template for my Blog. Something that will have the relevancy or the feel of my topic.  The template that I have now is from:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Special Stories

This personal story of this little girl touched my heart. She doesn't have to go through a lifetime of not being able to walk. By having simple, easy treatment, she can be cured. She is in a country that doesn't provide the necessary treatment. We can help.


I Stumbled upon this video. It's a great, candid example of what my 6 month old daughter is going through. Isn't it so adorable? It just shows hope and happiness at the same time, while going through these tough times.

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I am six months of age, right now, and was born in New Rochelle, NY. I was born with Club Feet, which by the way, was no fault of my own.

My mother chose to write about me, to maybe help and inspire others out there with my fixable birth defect, that they are not alone.  Club Feet is very common, in fact, according to Mayo Clinic, it's usually an isolated problem on an otherwise normal, healthy newborn. It can be mild or it can be severe. I have the mild case where my feet wasn't turned in completely. It was turned in at a 90 degree angle. It's cases where it will be turned in at a 180 degree angle. It can also effect both feet or just one foot. My mother had just one Club Foot, which was her left foot, and, she received treatment for it by wearing a brace to.

I love to just be in my mother's arms all day loooong as much as I can.  Of course, I love to eat my cereal, and drink my milk and juice.  My big brother and sister plays with me a whole lot of the time and I enjoy their company, because they make me laugh and do silly things.  I never feel alone, because these people love me and support me.

That's why I know that I am going to be okay. My mother takes me back and fourth to the doctors and these people touch and move my feet around. I feel much better when I leave those people place and come back home to play with my brother and sister.

I also love to eat my hands, because I feel this itching on my gums.  I don't know what it is.  Think my mother told me its its because I am starting to grow some teeth out of my gums.  All I know that I have to try to put things in my mouth to chew on it. It makes my gums feel good.

Anyway, enjoy the good reads about me and my birth defect and how I overcame it with the support of my beautiful parents and siblings. I want you to know that God is watching all over all of yous and to hold on to the FAITH.

If you want to know more information about Club Feet and Treatment options, click on:


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recent Pics of my Angel

Here is a recent picture of my Pride and Joy when she was like 4 months old. As you can see here, she is wearing one cast. It was on both of her legs at first, but the right cast fell off when we got home.

Here is the scenario, I just brought her back home from the orthopedic. It wasn't even a couple of hours, let alone an hour, and the cast fell off. This was like the third time this happened in the span of a month and a half, and mind you, I had two take her every two weeks for a re-casting.

Can you imagine, during that time, when I had to go back and forth to the Children's Emergency Room with her to put on a new cast? It wasn't easy, but it had to be done. Her regular Orthopedic is only available at certain times. These crazy times kept happening at the wrong time, unexpectedly. Only to her right leg. Me and my husband thought it was a sign from her letting us know that she doesn't want this "thing" on her leg, that weighs a ton. They were heavy.

It seemed like she didn't like the casting, in the beginning. She became used to it after a while. I really didn't like to see her go through any pain. She is so small and precious, I just wanted to feel the pain for her. It's better to do it now than later anyway.

 This is her Dobbs Bar brace she had to start wearing from 4 months old. At first she was crying, but she became used to them after a while, because it has to stay on her feet for 23 hours a day, everyday until 6 months old. On going, it will only be placed on her feet during naps and in the evening when its bed time.

The Orthopedics instructions about  leaving the Dobbs Bar brace on for 23 hours a day, was grueling in the beginning for me. I wanted, oh so bad to take that restriction feeling away from her. She is such a happy baby that loves to play, and I felt that it would make her feel a certain way, and not fully, HAPPY, like I enjoy her to be.

You know what? It wasn't about me. It was about her being able to walk when she is supposed to like we want. I had to moderate my thoughts and be more stronger than I was thinking at that moment for her benefit. The earlier you get treatment, the better is the outcome. Nothing is easy that is worth something, and she is worth more than our words can explain.

More information on the Dobbs Bar can be found at these two websites:, where you can see a video as well, literally on a baby.

This is another website with a news article, talking about the Dobbs Bar:

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Feedback and Love

I have to say that I am so positively shocked and inspired by the great feedback from the responses to my blog. I am new to the blogging world like I told some people from my responses, and I am still learning everyday as I go along. I look at other blogs on myriad of topics and their posts, and I become even more inspired to continue writing my blog.

I started blogging like maybe a year ago, but I recently started to really get into it and be consistent with it lately. It's just all of the candid and wonderful, inspiring responses I received and continue to receive, being so new is just great, and I am so grateful for you all that responded to my blog and took the time to give my the feedback of love and support.

Being that I am talking about my My MIRACLE BABY born with Club Feet, I am sure that I can maybe help and inspire others to let them know that you are not a lone in this situation. This is a common ailment that happens to a lot of children. I will be talking and posting about the Deformity on upcoming posts.  In addition, giving more information and resources about Club Feet that will also help others gain more knowledge about it, as well as me talking about it from my own experiences.

Once again, Thank you for all the inspiring comments that only keeps me going!

May God continue to Bless you all.


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    Sunday, November 15, 2009

    New Earrings

    I took my baby girl, on Friday, to get her ears pierced. I was supposed to have done it since when she was 3 months old, but somethings always occurred and stalled me from going to take her. I only have a few hours in the day to accomplish some errands before my husband goes to work.  I always had to take care of other duties for my other 2 children, so I would just put it off for another day. I am glad that i finally did it and she looks even prettier than she did already. Just an enhancement for her.  Seems like my adorable bundle of joy is Growing up so fast on me, (Laughter).

    I was waiting, not too long, in the doctors office waiting area, until the nurse called me. I just wanted to get her ears pierced, not any physical check-up or anything. I expected for it to be an in and out situation, but it wasn't. When I walked into the doctor's office, he forgot the ear piercing gun to do the job. GREAT! Nice thinking doc, were my thoughts. I had to wait an extra half an hour for him to go back home to get the equipment and come back. I felt it was all worth it. I don't believe in going just anywhere that says: "EAR PIERCING" to take your children to get their ears pierced just because it's cheaper. I think about the long-term, not the short-term. It was well worth the $40.00 it cost to do the ear piercing, even though when I took my 3 year old it was $25.00. The doctor informed me the price went up, because the manufacture equipment went up. So you have to meet in the middle somewhere, right?

    My baby's physician recommended me to wait until she was 3 months old, the earliest to get her ears pierced because of infections that she can acquire from getting the procedure done without her first set of immunizations, which makes a lot of sense to me. I think that my baby is going through enough, and went through enough, in her little life having Clubfeet to add on more problems that can be easily prevented. Better safe, than sorry, for sure.

    My 3 year old daughter, Adonise, got her ears pierced ever since she was 3 months old. It was easier for me to get more things done at that time, plus I had more time to spare. Now that my baby has Clubfeet, I have to take her back and fourth to the Orthopedics and the Orthotist for her special shoes called the (Dobbs Bar). That takes up a lot of my time, because of the random appointments at times.

    privacy policy/disclaimer

    Friday, November 13, 2009


    Screaming for Attention

    I have to say that everyday my baby does something different, new and exciting.  If it's not anything new, believe me it is not far away from manifesting. That's just how babies are, they perform things new all of the time. Either to get your attention, or just to do it because they are getting older and more milestones are starting to show up. 

    Yesterday, all of a sudden, she started doing this screaming performance, playfully, to gain more attention then what she is already receiving anyway.  It's obviously because of her Clubfeet that she gets more attention. Me and my husband try so hard not to spoil her, but to no avail, because she is so precious and such a blessing to our family. You only enjoy this time once. It goes away quickly, because they grow up so fast in many ways. One day she is not going to want to be held, because that's how babies get.

    She doesn't scream from crying or anything, she does it for attention. Like when some performers do silly things to gain attention. My baby does it to get even more attention, even though she gets most of the attention anyway, because she is the baby in the family. For the majority of the day yesterday, she decided to scream when I put her to sit down in her bouncer while I was washing dishes and cooking dinner. I would then turn around to look at her and then she would give me this broad laugh from ear to ear, telling me "Yea, I got you" sort of a smile.

    I am a stay at home mother at this time, so I am taking care of my two youngest children at home while my husband is at work for the majority of the day. He doesn't come home until like 9/10:00 pm at night, so I be so exhausted when he finally comes home to take over. I hardly get any REAL rest for myself. It's like a mother's instinct to make sure your children are safe and comfortable, so you wouldn't have to be worrying or anything. Even though my husband takes over when he comes home from work, I still feel like I have to do something, anything for my kids. I just want them to be as comfortable as comfortable can get, you know what I mean? It's only natural, but I don't take it overboard or anything like that.

    During the day I try to get a lot of things done with the kids here, otherwise I won't get anything done holding my baby in my arms all day. She prefers me to hold her all day, even when she takes her naps. Every time I put her down for a nap, expect her to wake up crying very soon, because she is used to being held, even when she is asleep. I try to put her down soon as she falls asleep to sort of teach her to fall asleep on her own. Sometimes it works, and other times she just wants to be held. My husband just holds her for the majority of the time because he doesn't like to hear her crying at all. I am going to admit, I do it to, sometimes.

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    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    Very Inspiring On Every Level

     One of the best entertainers ever lived, this is for him

    Unvogue Jade Issue from UNVOGUE on Vimeo.

    I loved Micheal Jackson because of his big heart and giving nature. I don't think that because he was famous, he did the things he did for people, especially children. It was just a part of his natural personality. It made him feel good to give back, because he felt he was missing a lot from his childhood, being famous all of his life.

    I just had to talk about him a little because, their are a lot of people in this world, in this day and age even, that has no sympathy for others that are physically afflicted, or even mentally afflicted by no fault of their own.  It troubles me sometimes when I take my baby outside with her Clubfeet, that people stare and maybe make comments about her Clubfeet. It bothers me, because it's no fault of her own why she was born with Clubfeet and she hasn't a clue of whats going on in peoples minds or their ignorant actions.

    It's up to me to protect her from "this cruel world". Let me rephrase that, "the cruel people in this world" from her. I would just cover her legs with a blanket in the meantime to avoid all of the ignorance. I am not embarrassed of my baby at all, because I am knowledgeable about Clubfeet, because I was born with it, and it was taken care of sine birth, so the same it will be for her. When I take her to the Orthopedics or the Orthotist for her shoes, those are the only times I feel okay to uncover or not to cover. Majority of the time, for 23 hours a day she has her shoes on.

    Micheal Jackson wasn't a judge of character, race, creed, origin, etc.... It didn't matter where you came from or who you were, he had open arms.  He just wanted to see a smile on your face, because it made him smile twice over. There will only be one Micheal Jackson, I will miss him in this world and his music, and he shall live on in my hearts and from his music he will live on for generations to come and I am sure a lot of others out there feel the same. RIP.

    More PICS and Postings

    I am getting the hang of my blogging hobby. I know that my blog, about my baby's Clubfeet needs more content, and I am currently working on gathering up pictures and more dialogue, so please bare with me. I do appreciate the feedback that I have gotten so far.

    I will, however continue to post about raising my miracle baby with Clubfeet. Me and my husband continue to learn about Clubfeet everyday, and learn from others experiences, because this is rather common, because I had it being born, but from my day they modernized the treatment, which is more effective nowadays.

    This is me and MY MIRACLE in the hospital. She was only several hours old in the picture, but her casting for her feet wasn't performed until the following day.

    I was just staring at her, because I was glad to see that she was healthy and the Clubfeet was the only hurdle to cross. This is a short-term situation that will be fixed, so me and my husband were at peace at that moment, up until the present.

    Me and my husband didn't expect her to be that small weighing 5lbs 12oz.  I did have Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy. Usually when a baby is born from a mother in that situation, they come out bigger than usual. Obviously our experience was the total opposite. You learn something new everyday, that's if your receptive to your surroundings.  We learned during this pregnancy that the baby can come out smaller than usual as well to our surprise.

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    Friday, October 16, 2009

    The day finally arrived

    Day Before Birth-Day

    The time finally arrived for our precious baby to come into this world. Throughout all of the scare-tactics, I would call it from these so-called professionals of the health practice, we just wanted to see from our own eyes, OUR MIRACLE. 

    I had to check into the hospital the night before the scheduled c-section, because they had to get me prepared for certain tests to be taken, because of my gestational diabetes. They had to monitor me to be on the safe side. I was more than prepared, because at that time I was just so tired of being pregnant it wasn't even funny anymore. It felt like I was pregnant forever and ever and it was never going to end. 

    Still and all me and my husband was prepared for this precious miracle to come into this world being an addition to our growing family. She was someone we new that was a blessing to us and will change our lives for the better. Making us realize that many people don't have this privilege in the world. She was coming now or never. The time was now!

    Lack of Sleep

    That whole night before the c-section I just couldn't sleep through the night. I just was so ridden with anxiety in a good and bad way. I was thinking about what the gestational diabetes had done to her health and was she okay from it. I was thinking about her feet on how severe the deformity of Club Feet was, because it is different levels of severity on Club Feet.  I was thinking if the right doctor was going to be at the hospital postpartum to perform the correct procedure on her feet. The sooner the better the results! 

    I knew that I did my part as the mother of disclosing and informing my doctors in all areas that she was going to be born with Club Feet and have the right physicians there at the hospital to perform the work. I had a lot of faith that everything was going to turn out okay, because I had my previous daughter, who is now 3 years old, at the same Hospital, but different ob/gyn. The big difference was that my previous daughter wasn't born with Club Feet.

    My mind and body couldn't rest properly, because I couldn't see her fast enough and I was just tossing and turning all types of ways to be comfortable and just to find that comfy spot to just go to sleep. I just couldn't stay asleep, I just kept waking up throughout the night and watching television and looking at the clock. Every time I woke up it felt like a long time had passed, but it would just be like 2 hours or so. The c-section was scheduled for 8:30am. 

    Finally 8:30 arrived and no one came to get me. I started to get even more anxious and was wondering what was going on. The regular nurses were still coming in to do the regular vitals, but not my ob/gyn to inform me of anything. When she did finally arrived in my room it was after 10am. I would have to wait until 11am, because of a previous c-section that is already being done at this time.

    Time is Now

    The c-section procedure was the same as my previous c-section 3 years prior, but the slight difference was that she was born not only with Club Feet, she was born breech, so it took the doctors a little longer to take her out of my uterus.  When a baby is born breech, they are positioned foot down instead of head down, which is the normal position for a baby when giving birth. 

    The doctors had to be extra careful of how to cut my previous surgery scar as well as the baby, because of her position.  I was getting kind of worried, but I had to stay strong and think positive and continue with my faith. It worked for me, because she came out so much better than I expected. I didn't think the worst, but she was 100% healthy. That includes her weight of 5lbs 12oz, her breathing, and her apgar score, which was excellent. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome. She didn't need any extra care or time in the hospital. Besides a little jaundice, which is common for most babies, she needed to stay a little extra time under a special light.  

    privacy policy/disclaimer 

    Just Another day of thoughts

    Growing so Fast

    My precious baby is such a blessing to me that when I look at her I couldn't have been so lucky to have her, because she makes me realize that I am blessed. She is starting so sleep through the nights now that she is 5 months old. In addition she started to eat solids at 4 months old, so she had more of a full stomach than just drinking milk. It seemed that from the start, milk just wasn't enough for her. It seemed like every hour and a half, she wanted another bottle. She was wearing me and my husband out every night.

    She started to sleep a little through the night when she was two and a half months old. That gave us a little rest. I stay home with the children while my husband goes to work. He is Self-Employed, so he doesn't have to be to work from 9-5, but he does have a contract with whom he works for. So, throughout the day, I am with the children home everyday. After a while it just felt like the walls were literally closing on my everyday, because it was the same routine everyday.

    I love my children, don't get me wrong, I just felt like I needed something to do for myself to feel some sort of fulfillment towards something or some sort of goal to accomplish. That's one of the reasons why I decided to blog down my feelings into the world, because I am sure I am not the only one in this world feeling this way. Everyone needs some sort of fulfillment, from the everyday struggle we go through.

    Not getting off the subject of my precious Miracle, I just had to let those particular feelings out. We named our precious baby girl, Shandi. We decided on that name from a listing of African names we saw on a website, which I can't remember. We also chose that name, because it is very eclectic, different, really not heard, as far as our knowledge. We feel it fits her as well as her personality perfectly. My other two children also has names really never heard of or that it's just rare.

    Eating habits

    One thing that I can say about my children, is that they have a healthy appetite. I try to feed them the best cooking as possible. That includes a rarity of eating out and going to fast food restaurants. I like to cook, as well, that is one of my hobbies that I enjoy. I love to see how my family feels after a nice warm home-cooked meal.

    I started to feed my baby girl single-grain cereals for her age. They first have to start off eating single-grain rice, barley, and oatmeal cereals. Once they master those, then they move up to the whole-grain, then multi-grain. She is also eating 1st foods now as well, which I am feeding her the fruits of all kinds and vegetables.
    Oh my God! You all should see her face of excitement when she sees her bottle or the bowl of her warm cereal. She starts to move her legs and arms all over the place, and if I am holding her and I am making her bottle or cereal, I would have to stop every once and a second,  because I would have to hold her back. 

    For her age of 5 months, she is so intelligent and very alert towards people.  Is aware of her food, especially when she sees it. Has such a healthy appetite and tries to hold her bottle when she is drinking it. She knows that is her milk and bottle by the way she just grabs it with such strength and authority. When I am feeding her cereal, she just grabs the spoon while I put it towards her mouth, like she is trying to guide me in the right direction or something. Yea, towards her mouth.

    When she starts to feel satisfied and full, she starts to look at me and smile, letting me know, "thanks mommy, that hit the spot", and I just feel so happy that I am privileged to feed her and see her so happy and satisfied. It is the best feeling in the world when your children are fed their warm food and the expression of happiness and satisfaction is just draped all over their faces. It's one of the best feelings in the world as a parent.

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    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    Something to experience

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    Miracle after Miracle

    From the beginning of my pregnancy, my mind was focused on having another baby boy, because I also have a son who is 11 years old. So since my second child was a baby girl, I thought that I would get lucky again into having another boy. I wanted to have a boy with my husband since we have a baby girl together already. I found out when I was 5 1/2 months pregnant that I was having a baby girl again. At that point I didn't care, because I would rather here that than to here the "Down Syndrome" Diagnosis. We knew right then and there that we was once again blessed. God always blesses you when you least expect in. The blessings always happens on time.

    Around the time that I was six months pregnant I had to take a sugar test to determine if my sugar numbers were high to detect gestational diabetes. The range of my numbers were high so I didn't need to take insulin, I just had to speak to a Nutritionist to adjust my diet to not intake food with too much sugar. It was so hard at first to change my diet from "Good food" to "Boring food". I mean it was nasty, for real. I couldn't eat any starches, rice maybe. Even eating one banana made my sugar high. I had to prick my fingers and take my own sugar with this monitor by measuring the sugar from my blood. Never experienced that before. I gained a whole new respect for Diabetes sufferers. It ain't easy. You have to be very diligent with your diet and blood sugar counts, and to ledger the information on a daily basis. I have a few people in my immediate family who suffer from diabetes. One of my Grand-Aunt's, which she had to loose one of her legs. My Great-granduncle died from Diabetes. My Grandmother had Diabetes, and I just found out about that one.

    I had to be closely monitored from two of my doctors, my main Physician, and my OB/GYN Physicians. To tell you the truth I took it very seriously, but I was so healthy during all of my pregnancies. This pregnancy I am just a little older, and more wiser on a lot of things. From the beginning when I found out I was pregnant, I never missed any of my prenatal appointments and I took all of my vitamins and sonogram schedules.

    I was going through a bad situation at that time in my pregnancy on a Mental and emotional basis that I sometimes didn't eat as much as I should have. It started to show on each of my prenatal visits, because I wouldn't loose weight, but I wasn't gaining any weight. My ob/gyn physician started to worry after a while,and informed me that I might need to get a sonogram to see if the baby is growing properly if I continue to be this way, as far as my weight. That's when I started to worry, and she didn't even have to order a sonogram, because at that time, I was still seeing the genetics counselor, from the Down Syndrome Screening test, for the Level II sonograms.

    Those types of sonograms can determine the weight, length, the circumference of your baby's head, nose bone, down to the foot bone,spine and the back of the baby's brain stem. On my final Down Syndrome sonogram diagnosis test, at about 32 weeks gestation, I was told that my baby was 3lbs and a few ounces at that time. The doctor informed me that the weight of the baby was normal for that age of gestation. Nothing to worry about. One thing about me is that I am going to listen to an authority about information, but I would always like to hear a second opinion. In addition, I like to search for information my self on questionable subjects to gain more knowledge as well. I don't like to feel lost, especially if there are ways to find out.


    I knew that I had to separate the problems that I was personally going through and start eating three full meals a day. I had only six more weeks to go before my baby girl comes, and I want her to come out at a healthy weight. I started to stuff my face three full-plate meals a day plus a few snacks throughout the day. I tell you, I was so in-love with drinking soda. That's what probably made my sugar go high from the first place. I had such cravings for sweets. I ate fruits here and there, but nothing to the place of "sweet junk", I am telling you.

    So the last few prenatal visits I started to gain weight so fast. I started off at 165lbs before my pregnancy. By the time I was three months pregnant I was already 178lbs, because I ate so much the first 3months of pregnancy. Some women can't even hold nothing down the first three months, because of it being the first trimester and the nausea is bad. Mine was bad, but I also had an appetite and I was able to hold my food down. I had gained almost half of what a woman is supposed to gain throughout her whole pregnancy.

    By the time I was 8 months pregnant, I was weighing about 185lbs. I knew that I was doing well and I was determined for her to come out a healthy weight. Besides the Club Feet, we knew that was was going to be a healthy baby. We didn't care, because we knew that she was a special child and a miracle. Club-Feet can always be fixed. That's not a permanent obstacle. We are going to go through this challenge as a family and the ending result is she IS going to walk if I have something to do with it.

    The last four weeks of my pregnancy went by so slow, I didn't know what to do. My belly started to feel so heavy and my body started to feel weak because of my low iron. I just was tired of being pregnant, but at the same time I wanted her to come at the time she was supposed to come, which was at 38 weeks.

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    My doctor already scheduled a c-section for me at SoundShore Medical Center in New Rochelle, NY, where I also had my previous daughter. I already informed two of the ob/gyn physicians that my baby was going to be born with Club-Feet, so have someone there at the hospital to cast her legs. I wasn't aware which one of the physicians, at the, time was going to perform the c-section on me so I informed the both of them. Later on I found out which one it was going to be. I wasn't all that happy, but she was experienced and I am sure she was going to do a good job. In certain situations, you have to try your best to think positive, no matter what.

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