Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MORE NEWS..................

The day I took my baby for her 6 month old check-up, last Monday, I received additional news on top of the one problem that she is already dealing with from her Club Feet. Part of the normal check-up routine, when babies reach a certain age, is to check for problems in the hip area by rotating their hips in a circular motion like riding a bicycle. That's the best way I can describe it, in order for you to get the picture in your mind.

The doctor, checking her that day noticed that there was a problem in her hip area, because her left leg is shorter than her right leg. She continued to rotate her hips to listen for a clicking sound, an indication that her hip bone was out of the socket. It didn't make any sound, so it was something different going on, and not good.

Her main pediatrician wasn't there that day, maybe a coincidence, you all tell me, to discover this problem. Anyway, that doctor ordered an Ultrasound to be done on her hips to check for further problems. I had to take my baby to another hospital to get this done, the following day. Since we had an appointment for early in the morning, I figured that it wouldn't be long for us to get called and see what the problem was.

I was so anxiously waiting and playing with her and looking at her, just thinking how strong she really is. She has been through a lot of "bumps in the road" since being in the womb. I was just thinking what else could it be now? Is this a test from God on how much I can take and still maintain my sanity? I had to figure it out. This is just reality, and what people go through in life. You have to go through such trials and tribulations sometimes to just appreciate what you have and the "little things".

When she was called to get the Ultrasound, it took forever to finish, because they had to take images of the whole hip and type in the name of each area in the hip. I just had to be patient and deal with it, because I wanted to know exactly what was wrong with my baby's hips. After like 45 minutes or so of doing the Ultrasound, I was told that they would have to do an X-ray, because come to find out, she was too old for the ultrasound. The age limit for an ultrasound, for her age is 4 months. OKAY! I had to take some more time out, which was no problem, to get the X-ray done the same day. I wanted to get it done and over with. I want her normal. The doctor, who ordered the ultrasound from the start should have known that 6 months was too old for and ultrasound, I just didn't understand that. I only brought like 2 bottles with me, thinking that my appointment was set up and I would be there for a certain amount of time. I didn't expect to stay their any longer. Let me just get to the point. LOL!

The X-ray came back that her hip seemed out of place or in other words out of the socket. At first to me, it sounded like it was broken. The doctor says that if it was broken, her legs would have been swollen or have edema on them. I just didn't want to listen to more bad news for her. She didn't give me any Diagnosis to go on. So I was just worrying, until I got answers. That pediatrician called her Orthopedic for this additional news about her hips. So furthermore,  I had to follow up with her Orthopedic for an additional X-ray and treatment options.

ORTHOPEDIC UPDATE........"Congenital Dislocation and Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip"

I took her today for her regular check-up with the Orthopedic today. He took another X-ray of her hips in his private office for his records, and to have a closer look to see what the problem was. He concluded that the ball in her left hip was out of place. The options that me and my husband have to fix this problem are the following:
  • A simple outpatient visit with local anesthesia, where he just make a little incision in the hip to make an opening to try to rotate the ball back into the socket.
  • Outpatient visit with local anesthesia, where he would just try to manually rotate the ball back into the socket, without an incision.
  • Inpatient visit, with general anesthesia, where he would operate on her and put the ball back into place, this being the most accurate way to do the job.

After all of this, she would have to wear a splint or a plaster cast between 6-12 weeks, starting from under her breast bone down to her feet. I felt like what we are experiencing with the treatment of her Club Feet, this is just more stress. It's not her fault, but she deserves a chance just like everybody on this earth to have a productive, happy life. If I can prevent any complications in her life when she gets older, this is one of them.

Like I posted before, "The Time is Now", to take care of this while she is still very young and her bones are soft still. I don't want her to have a limp or be called names, if it is preventable as well as curable. It's in my hands to be strong for her, because she depends on me as being just that, to be STRONG.

I had to follow up with the Orthopedic by making an appointment to get the procedure done on December 17th, which is like 3 1/2 weeks ahead. I know she would be okay, but I would just love if everyone put her in their prayers and hearts. I just want her to feel safe and to come out of this surgery better than before. Make sure you always check to make sure that this hip test is done, just for routine, if you have children, because it can be overlooked. The older they get the more difficult the treatment can become. May God Bless you all.

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