Thursday, June 17, 2010

Long Time NO SEE

I am back again to all of my fans out there. I have a lot to talk about and a lot to blog about for all you guys to know what is going on about my little BLESSING. I know you guys out there is probably asking or stopped asking yourself about how she is doing and what is going on with my little bundle of Blessings. I didn't blog anything since the new year has come in. That was since Thanksgiving was my last time.

First of all, I am sorry for not blogging as much as I should have been to inform you guys what is going on about my daughter. Overall she is doing great, can't ask for a more blessed child from all of what she has went through. She is just a joy and a bundle full of happiness. 

A lot of changes has been happening and I have been abandoning my Blog. I just thank God that I wasn't forgotten about. I am making a promise to myself from this day forward. I am going to keep up with it, because it is so much to talk about and to catch up with you guys about. I have recent pics of her. As you can see on front of the Blog, I put a recent pic up of her when she was 10 months old. Isn't she just adorable? Her attitude throughout her triumphs this year alone was so inspirational and it taught me so much on how to handle my own personal problems. She is just happy and playful baby all of the time. It's like you know when something is really wrong with her when it is, because her ongoing personality is such a happiness.

I have to thank you guys who was trying to keep up and is still keeping up with me. Don't give up on us, because I have a lot to talk about and tell about. I appreciate the support and I AM BACK FOR GOOD.

Whats Going On NOW?

The last time I blogged, I was in the process of just finding out that she had Hip Dysplasia. For you guys out there that don't know what Hip Dysplasia is, it is when the ball of your hip is out of place and it makes one of your legs look longer than the other. The leg that was longer was the normal leg, and the leg with the hip out of place was the one with the messed up hip.

To my knowledge, like I told y'all on a previous post, I learn something new everyday now. Her orthopedics told me that it is different levels of HIP Dysplasia, some are more severe than others. The one that is more severe would definitely need surgery, and the less severe case would just need a simple cut from a scalpel in the hip and some machine will be used to just moved the ball of the socket into place. Thank got that she just had the mild case and she didn't need more serious surgery to cut her open. I tell you, God just keeps blessing us.

The Orthopedics had to get an x-ray of her hip to see how severe it was first and like I said it was the mild case. He informed me of all that I needed to know before her procedure was supposed to be done on December 17. What a Christmas gift huh, because as least it could be fixed and not anything permanent that couldn't. That is how we were looking at it. I always try to have a positive attitude towards what she was going through, because I had to show her it was okay, and in actuality it was. It was just something temporary that we had to go through.

In order for us to go through these changes with her we had to investigate and research about the condition, so we could be well informed on what to do and how to handle things. If we weren't smart enough to do that, we probably would be worried all of the time and dependent on the doctors information on how to handle it. They could tell us what to do of course, don't get me wrong. There is just more information out there and other parents that are going through the same thing as we are, so it is more of an inspiration to read there stories and to know how they got through it. In addition, this is our child not nobody else's. So we was doing the most responsible thing as her parents in order to take care of her properly.

Sitting in the waiting room before the operation was a living nightmare, because I just wanted it to be over with. It seemed like the hours was going by so slowly. We had to be at the hospital by 6am, and we was there on time, promptly. I noticed that there were other parents with their children there waiting to get different procedures and operations done that were in worse conditions than my daughter was at that time. I don't try to compare your child to nobody else's, because every child is a blessing from God. It is just a natural thing, my opinion, from being in that situation to just think about it, not compare.

I couldn't help but to say to myself that she is such a blessing to us. She will be okay with this mild operation, and she will be able to walk normally without a limp. If she didn't get that mild operation, she would have been suffering later in life. I wouldn't have wanted that for her. I want her to be all that she can be. If these problems could be fixed why not go and fix it. I could understand if it was the opposite. Nothing that is worth it in life is easy anyway, right?

Finally she had her mild operation by the way, was on the 17th of December. I call it an operation still because she had to go under sedation. I went crazy as far as emotionally when I saw her in the operating room falling asleep under the sedation. I didn't want to leave her, but I knew that it was for the better, because she will be better. I had to sit back inside the waiting for, which seemed like forever again. She was in the operating room for like two hours or so. When I finally saw her in her hip casting, she was still groggy and sleeping from the sedation.

The orthopedic also did a double whammy for me as far as her Club Feet. He elongated the cast to her feet so her feet could be in the proper position for those three months. I would say the second and a half month he changed the casting towards her feet to continue working on the treatment for her feet, which was very effective.

I didn't know how to pick her up. The nurse had to teach me, but I was determined to pick her up right away, because I just wanted to hug how knowing that she was alright from the operation and everything went excellent the orthopedic informed me. When we finally left the hospital, I had to drive her home and she didn't fit in her care seat at all, and the nurse told me that everything would be fine. I spent like an hour in the parking lot trying to put her in her car seat, and she was so uncomfortable when she finally woke up being in that position that she was in from the cast. She would have to stay in the case for 3 months straight. OH MY GOD! {I thought to myself}How are we going to get through this. That is a long time.

The first few days was so hard to deal with, because she was crying and in pain from being cut and her hip being manipulated. We didn't really get any sleep for a couple of weeks, until she got used to it. When she finally got used to it, she became her regular happy self. Changing her diaper was also a challenging thing in the beginning, which I had to learn before I left the hospital as well. We had to buy one size smaller pamper to put on the inside of the opening of the cast and then a bigger pamper to put on top. We got so used to it after a while that it was nothing.

Her eating was also challenging after awhile because, during those three months she did grow some. We had to try to make sure that we didn't overfeed her, because she would spit up easily during the ending of the three months. We couldn't wait for that cast to come off the closer it got to the end. We had to be patient though, because we didn't have any control over that. All we had control over is taking her to her appointments like every 2-3 weeks or so to her orthopedics to get her check ups and x-rays to make sure her hip was still in the right place. 

Finally the month of March came and her time for freedom was getting closer and nearer and we could be any happier when that day came. We all made it through at the end of the tunnel. The light is finally on even more, especially for her. We couldn't get to the orthopedics office fast enough. Now she could be able to sit in her car seat and be able to sit down like a normal baby and play like a normal baby using all of her limbs, not just her arms and hands. That case started just below her shoulder blade down to her feet for three months straight, can you believe that much restrain on a 7 month old baby, now taking the case off she is 10 months old.

 This is the day that we went to get her casting off. Boy it was a HAPPY day for all of us, just to see her happy especially. It was really a JOB carrying her around all of the time with that heavy cast on her body. After a while we got used to it though. She is such a trooper.

When her finally came in the room to take off her cast, she was screaming, because of the loud machine take it off and he had to put her in crazy positions to be able to saw that cast off of her body. Me and her father was just standing there staring at that saw and her not getting hurt. Even though we knew what the doctor was doing. Us being her parents, I think that it is a natural instinct to be a little more cautious and worried than anybody else. She turned out to be okay, but her whole attitude changed, because her body was in a weird position for a looong three months and it was going to take some time for her body to return back to it's normal positioning. She was so sore and thinner than her upper body from having that cast for a while.

 I just picked her up right away and she started crying. When I lifted her up, she was so light, from that cast being on her. I had to be careful still, of her legs, because she was crying and in pain from the cast being off of her. It was so much dead skin on her, I couldn't wait to put her in a bath, knowing that she didn't be in a bath tub for 3 months straight. I knew that when we got home, that was the first thing I was going to do. Even though she was a little sore, I knew that it was a relief for her to have that cast off. We thank God that the hip is in place and the treatment worked for her. We still have to continue going to the orthopedics to take x-rays and she also has to where a hip harness nightly to continue the treatment. Everything is looking good so far.


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