Saturday, February 12, 2011

Whats more going on with little pudding

We did a lot over this past summer and I would like to share those special moments with you all out there just to see how my baby don't let her clubfeet stop her from having any fun with her older sister. One of the adventures we went on was at Great Adventures in New Jersey. We also went to the same place last summer but lost our family, because they came in before us and they thought that we were right behind them. That is a long story, but at the end, me, my husband, and my oldest daughter had a wonderful time just spending time with each other and having fun. We took pictures, went on the merry-go-round, the arcade where we played numerous games and just had a good old time playing myriad of arcade games with the kids.The only obstacle that we had was when we were going there and coming home. It was so much traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike that it took us several hours to get back home. When we first went to Great Adventures that morning, we didn't get into traffic until we were like 95% there already.

She wanted to keep coming down the slide

She was so happy to be there that day

My oldest daughter just loved playing in that water nonstop

Here is my boo boo just loving the feel of the cool water on her feet

Here is me and my miracle child enjoying herself in the pool with mama

Me and my older son at Great Adventures
She was just enjoying herself so much
She was so anxious to come down that slide, but I was nervous
And she wanted to go back up again to come back down, she was killing me, LOL

Was about to leave from a loooong day at the water park, was TIRED but happy


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