Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1st Thanksgiving Tomorrow

This day is going to be very special for my precious miracle child. It's going to be her 1st Thanksgiving and there is going to be a lot of thanks to be given upon her. She has made these past several months a blessing for me and my family. She came at a time when we least expected. We were so busy focusing on our 2 other children and really not thinking that a miracle like her would come along and make our path even brighter.

When Thanksgiving day comes around, that is the day for Family and extended family and friends to get together and enjoy that time you share together. That's the day where we take our busy schedule and put that to the side and focus on the little things, because that's what really matters. The connection and love that we show for each other, that little attention, caring, and giving of our hearts. That's the time to just listen to feelings about the goodness of each other and reminice on the times and memories that was built. That is what makes our lives much easier. To know that Family is just around the corner or a call away.

So having her to be an addition to our family just gave us more blessings to share to our family. More special celebrations are to come and it will be even more fun with her to celebrate with. To know that we as a family are blessed and we could get through anything together as long as we are there to support and love one another unconditinally.

I want to tell everyone out there to have a Happy, Safe, Joyous and Blessed Thanksgiving and more to come. Speak to you all very soon.


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