Monday, November 23, 2009


Sometimes things happen when you least expect them to. My beautiful baby received her 6 month old shots and regular check up a week ago from today, which was last Monday.  Since she was of age, I was recommended for her to also receive the regular flu shot as well as the H1N1 vaccine. I am skeptical of the H1N1 vaccine for a baby as young as her, because it wasn't proven to not cause any side effects yet from it still being in the trial stages, currently. I am very nervous to give her that vaccine, so I let her get the regular flu shot vaccine, which I give to my other 2 children every year as well. I feel that the testing stages for that vaccine isn't over and she is already going through enough complications with her Club Feet and I don't want her to go through any more additional problems. Don't get me wrong, I respect those people out there who agree to give their children the H1N1 vaccine, it's just not for me right now. That's a whole other subject of posting.

When the evening came about, me and my husband was having a conversation about things.  All of a sudden, my husband says the baby feels hot.  He was holding her, like always (SMILE) :}.  I really didn't take it too seriously, as yet, because my husband tends to find anything and everything that is microscopic to the eye on our children. If it's a tiny speck of whatever and not naked to the eye, he will spot it on them.  I won't see it, but he will.  Her being so young, at 6 months old, I double checked and took her temperature anyhow, and it was 103 degrees.  I couldn't believe what I saw, because all of a sudden this happened.  I thought the thermometer was broken or something.  I took out another thermometer that I never used and took her temperature for a second time, and it turned out to be the same.

With no second thought, I got me and the baby dressed very quickly and drove to the Emergency Room. I learned while having two other children that if the temperature reaches 100 degree and over, take them to the Emergency room, no matter what. I couldn't get there fast enough, but at the same time I had to concentrate on getting there safely.  Even though it was only 25 minutes away it felt like forever, I wanted to know what was wrong with my baby, because she was perfectly fine earlier.

My first baby, who is my son, which is 11 years old now, was in a similar situation when he was 10 months old and he had a 104 temperature.  I wanted to rush him to the Emergency Room, and his grandmother told me not to take him, because according to her, he would be okay and it was just a cold virus or something. Me knowing her and all, I know she didn't attend Medical School and graduated to become a Doctor. I knew something was seriously wrong with him, because he seemed lethargic, and his eyes were looking droopy. Utilizing my common sense, I took him anyway, and Thank God I did, because a little bit of pneumonia was starting in his lungs. The doctors took a chest x-ray and caught it, and he had to start antibiotics right away.  If I would have listened to my son's grandmother, and not have taken him, who knows what the outcome would have been. She is even a mother, and it's surprising that she would give another mother such thoughtless advice.

Usually the Emergency Room would be packed or have a moderate amount of patients there, WAITING. It was, literally, empty, to my amazement, not kidding. You would expect, usually, to stay and wait in the Emergency Room for hours and hours before being seen by the Triage nurse.  I wanted it to be an in and out situation, not just sitting there waiting with a baby being so young. Having a temperature so high, the doctors would want to see her as soon as possible anyway. It was already after 11pm when I got there.
With all of that stress and worry, wanting to know what was wrong with her, she turned out to be okay,

Thank God.  With a fever of 103 degrees, it's expected to be an infection in the body somewhere, and the immune system is fighting off the intruder, is what I was informed loooong ago.  In my baby's case, it was just the effects that occur sometimes after receiving immunization shots. That didn't really come to my mind until the nurse mentioned that to me in the Emergency Room. My other two children didn't have any effects after receiving there immunization shots, so I expected the same for my baby. Every child is different in every aspect of situations, though.

The doctor informed me that it wouldn't be normal if the fever lasted for more than 2 days or so.  That's when you know it could be something more than just a fever from immunizations, more like an infection.  In addition, as soon as one of the nurses gave my baby the fever reducer, anally, her fever went down real quickly. I wasn't aware that, depending on the age of the baby, they can receive medication anally. Even though I have two other children, I learn something new everyday, even though I am a parent for the third time.

Her fever going down as quickly as it did, was an indication that it wasn't anything serious to worry about, from the doctors advice. You're never too old to learn.  I feel so Blessed to have her, and that she turned out okay.  

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